Music Festival 2019

Designated to students of grades 1 to 8.

The 2019 Music Festival was a huge success. The festival consisted of a performance of each contestant, and then every contestant selected a couple of contests/activities to participate in. The winner of each contest got a special prize. To see comments on this event, visit the Testimonials Page. To see photos and videos, go to Archive



We all know how stressful a music competition can be. Instead of a formal competition, ABMTA's music festival aims to encourage young musicians by providing them an opportunity to perform in a local, friendly environment. Participants will have the choice to perform in front of an audience of peers and gain experience for future events. You may play in any genre and any pieces, but we ask that the maximum performance time is 10 minutes. If you sing, you can accompany yourself.

If you do not want to publicly perform, there are numerous other great activities that you can work in partners and have fun!

Contests and Activities

Throughout the day, young musicians will be able to participate in small contests and activities to put their musical knowledge to the test. From identifying pitches to guessing musical composers to testing music theory, students will have fun with their fellow musicians and walk away with a deeper understanding of music. Plus, winners of each contest will win a special prize!