Founded in 2018, ABMTA stemmed from the musical passions of a few high school students. We seek to support our communities with music opportunities for young musicians to bond, learn and grow together.


A special thanks to these volunteers!


2020 Summer Camp

Lipi Hedge & Meghan Tobin for volunteering to teach the students, Dr. Bill Cutter for sharing his lifelong musical journey, and Jing Liu & Eileen Zhang for advertising for us.

2020 Senior Home CD Project

Michelle Gong for editing the recordings and burning the CD.

2020 Winter Recital

Shu Ye & Eileen Zhang for providing homemade baked food

2019 Music Festival

Elsie Liu, Bonita Huang, & Claudia Huang for giving helpful feedback to students on their performances, and Emma Xiang for a donation to ABMTA.