Our Partners


Hope Scholarship Fund

Hope Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, non-profit organization that provides educational opportunities to children in developing countries. By helping fund their educational endeavors, they allow children to achieve their dreams in an otherwise impossible manner. Hope Scholarship Fund and ABMTA both seek to provide more platforms for talented students, and we both cooperate together to accomplish our own goals.

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Indian Hill Music School

We both share the passion of educating and providing music for our communities. Indian Hill provides private teachings as well as competitions and other performances. They have many ensembles as well, which are great for those who wish to improve their ensemble skills.


Music at a Time

Music at a Time is an organization, founded in 2012, that offers live musical performances to local communities in Acton, Massachusetts and its neighboring towns. Like ABMTA, they strive to share the joy of music, foster connections among musicians and their audiences, help youth develop leadership skills to serve the community, and to enrich the lives of others through volunteering.