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ABMTA's summer program was a one week camp that offered a multitude of classes ranging from Yoga for Musicians to Music Theory. ABMTA instructors worked very closely with student musicians to teach and develop skills that make every musician successful.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, ABMTA did not have the opportunity to visit and perform at senior homes. Through the Senior Home CD Project, ABMTA compiled musical pieces recorded by local student musicians onto a CD and sent it out to senior living homes. It was a great way of bringing light and positivity amongst the raging pandemic.


AMBTA organized and ran a winter recital for local musicians of all ages and capabilities. The recital was very successful and showcased musical talents and styles all the way from musical theatre to classical music.


Rather than being competitive, ABMTA's musical festival provided a local and friendly stage for all musicians to showcase their abilities. Participants were offered various fun activities and contests as well!

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