Senior Home CD Project

Using the power of music to support senior citizens during a global crisis

Background & Motivation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to visit and perform at senior homes. This year, we are instead providing an opportunity for musicians to record their music, which we will then make into a CD to send to senior homes. This is a great opportunity to send a positive message to the community amidst a difficult time.



  1. Prepare a short speech

    • Introduce yourself (name, age, town)

    • Explain your piece(s) and/or composer

  2. Record 1-2 pieces

  3. As a general guideline, the whole recording should be no more than 10 minutes long

    • There is no hard limit on the time, so if you are over slightly, it is fine.

  4. Optional: Write a short letter or card 

  5. Please send all materials to and Michelle Gong (mgong7810@gmail.comby May 7th. 


Recording Procedures

Try to have the best audio quality possible, but don’t stress if it’s not perfect. Do try to limit background noise and position your microphone properly.

You can either record your speech and piece in the same file, or you can record them separately. Just make sure the audio files are less than 25MB (the maximum file size through email). Files can be either .mp3, .m4a, or .wav.

Email the audio clips to and Michelle Gong (


ABMTA proudly partners with MAAT for this project.