The comments/feedback to performers are very professional and to the point. The deserts are very great, too!



Music Festival

The music festival's online signup is very convenient, and the way the performances are arranged is reasonable. -



Music Festival

The recital was touching as we could see ages ranging from 9 to 17. I loved watching the older performers as they made me love my instrument even more!



Winter Recital

The lessons are very helpful. Eddie is very patient, knowledgeable, and motivated. Philina very enjoyed having lessons with Eddie.

Parent of Philina Zhou, Grade 6

Music Lessons

“I liked all the classes, but I really liked the yoga class. I like to dance, and now I know how to do stretches, and its fun to do yoga and know how yoga can help my music and performance!”



Anna Urzua, Grade 5

2020 Summer Program 

“ABMTA provided me a broader view on how I can pursue music. For math it’s like — If I do math, I’ll do math; or science — If I do science Ill do that. I gained a broader perspective with ear training, theory, and various other informative, interesting classes.” 


Shriya Iyer, Grade 6

2020 Summer Program Participant